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Why the EEG is not solving anything

Hey guys,

today i wanna give you some insight on the so called EEG "renewable energy law" in germany. 

The reason for this now 20year old law was, to make germany more sustainable and to move on to renewable energy creation.

What it brought to us is now the highest electricity price per kwh in the whole EU.

Here is what we have to pay for electricity in germany: 30,88 cent per kwh. That is the most in whole Europe. 

The bad thing about it is, we have to pay for preliminary shutting down atomic-plants, have to pay for supporting wind energy and solar energy, as they cannot compete in a free market.

We are not allowed to contract cheap energy from any other european country. We can only buy expensive "green" energy from german suppliers.

This is the biggest bullshit ever, as e.g. france builds new atomic plants, poland produces cheap energy out of coal and is supported by european funds. 

Looking outside the EU, e.g. china will build hundreds of new atomic plants in the next years. Even the pope of new tech "Elon Musk" promotes atomic energy as necessary to have enough power for all the electric cars, that maybe being build. 

Just my five cents :-(


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