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What is this all about?

Hello, dear traveller in the web.

I used to focus for years now on my internal page and did some pretty stuff in there like a webfront for my solar-panels. Unfortunately this is all internal so there was nothing to share. 

Now the time is here to post again some things, i would like to hear your opinion about.

To do this i created this blog with serendipity. You see, i am just a beginner on this, but nevertheless, I try to work it out. It you want, you can leave comments on the site, but for juridical reasons, they will not show up immediately, but after I reviewed them. This is bullshit in my opinion, as this means additional work for a guy just to have a blog up and running. 

But unfortunately this is the law here in the EU. Otherwise, I could be sued for each and every comment which does not meet the regulations.  

I love to twiddle with old stuff to get it working again. So I will put in here some of my successful and also some of my fails on these topics. That's fun too :-)

The second part of this blog are my 5 cents on topics, I do not understand or can not accept in the political discussion here. 

So bear with me, when not everything here is pc or does not meet your point of view. This is my blog and therefor it is my point of view. If you do not like it, please leave a comment and leave. I will not hold you back. 

So for now enough with the gibberish, lets get to work and have some fun. 





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