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How to cool down overheating Android Linux TV Box H96 Pro Plus

Hey guys,

i bought myself a new Android TV Box H98 Pro Plus which is really awesome in speed and flexibility. 

This box comes with Android 6, but can easily be upgraded to Android 7.1.1, which i use now. 

Problem with this box is the temperature. It gets way to hot. 

So i thought about buying me a airvent to just have a constant flow of cool air to the mainboard.

This is what i bought on amazon an it is great. Did cost about 10 bucks, is very silent (just 18 dBA) and is powered by usb via the box itself.

"Kühlerlüfter DIY PC Kühler Tv-Box 120 MM 5 V"

Here is a picture of how it looks. I just put it under the box and temperature is as low as 40 degree celsius.