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Fritzbox 7270 is squeaking

Do you know the problem, when you get mad, because of an electronic device squeaking very high.

Had the same now with my old fritzbox 7270 V2. I do not want to throw it away, as i was hoping, that the root cause was an elko, as they are most of the time the issue in such devices.

So I opened it up, which is quite easy, cause there are only a view clamps, you can easily open with a screwdriver. So thanks AVM for making this device repairable.

Here you see the picture of the board and also the defective elko. It is a 100 µF, 25 Volts. Had only the same with about 50 Volts, but that's ok. 

So how did I find it? Very simple, I googled a bit and found a forum "ip-phone-forum", a user panda3 had put in the solution into the thread "7270 pfeift".

So thank you Panda3 for finding and sharing it. 

Now how to get the defective bastard out of the board. I used a so called De-Soldering-gun. It is a combination of a soldering gun and a desoldering pipe. Just google about it. It is about 20 bucks.

After getting the solder off, I could easily remove the elko and put the new one in. A short test was positive, so now i have again my peace of mind.

Hope this helps, please leave a comment.